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Jim Sukkar Victorious In Seven Day Trial

Jim Sukkar prevailed in a seven day jury trial before Judge Robert Ziolkowski of the Wayne County Circuit Court.  Sukkar represented a truck driver and a trucking company in a lawsuit filed by Jill and Donald Yanick arising out of a January, 2005 incident where the Plaintiffs alleged scrap flew from Defendants’ truck and struck the vehicle driven by Jill Yanick, and as a result Mrs. Yanick slammed on her brakes and, in an attempt to avoid flying debris, twisted her body which resulted in a herniated disc at L5—S1 which required surgery.  It was the Defendant’s position that Mrs. Yanick’s condition was pre-existing and of a degenerative nature. Jim presented a biomechanic who testified as to the low level of force involved in bringing a vehicle to a stop.  Mrs. Yanick had surgery in 1989 for herniated discs at the L2—3 and L3—4 levels.  It was noted that the L5-S1 disc was degenerating at that time.  Mrs. Yanick’s surgeon disabled her from working as a nurse and testified that her condition was caused by the subject accident.  The jury did not agree and found that Mrs. Yanick was not injured.