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Jim Sukkar Wins Lemon Law Trial In Kalamazoo

Jim Sukkar obtained a defense verdict in a two day jury trial in the Kalamazoo Circuit Court.  Jim represented a foreign auto manufacturer sued for breach of express and implied warranty arising out of the sale of a new motor vehicle.  The Plaintiff, Ronald Leggitt, claimed that as a result of a faulty oil pump, oil was discharged from the engine of his 18 month old vehicle.  Plaintiff’s expert, a certified mechanic testified that based upon the wear observed he believed that the oil pump malfunctioned causing increased oil pressure which resulted in loss of oil through the oil filter port.  Jim presented the dealer mechanic who inspected the vehicle the day after the occurrence as well as the manufacturer’s regional parts and service manager.  The mechanic observed that the oil was expelled through the oil filter port.  However, the aftermarket oil filter which was not installed by an authorized dealer was misaligned and improperly installed. The parts and service manager determined that the warranty did not apply under these circumstances.  The jury found that the condition that gave rise to the engine failure was not the responsibility of the manufacturer.