Insurance Defense

We have a broad-based liability defense practice including traditional thirdparty cases, disputes among insurers, coverage matters for insureds, traditional first-party cases and other specialized insurance practices. We regularly handle a variety of bodily injury and property damage actions for insurance companies and for self-insured entities; so-called “bad faith” suits seeking punitive damages; and other first party cases, particularly life, accident and health, major medical and credit insurance. At Harvey Kruse, we understand the need for early evaluations, risk/benefit analysis and timely reporting. As a full service firm to the insurance market, we provide a broad spectrum of services, including defense of insureds in personal injury, property damage, product liability and other complex commercial disputes. We also represent commercial general liability carriers, homeowners’ carriers and their policyholders in a variety of tort claims including premises security, premises liability, dram shop liability, social host liability, product defect, school liability, copyright infringement, sexual assault and harassment, libel and slander and malicious prosecution.

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