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Practice Areas

Transportation Litigation

Harvey Kruse, P.C., is a civil defense firm with extensive experience defending clients in a variety of matters, including those centered on transportation litigation issues. Our attorneys have developed particular expertise in handling motor carrier accident scenarios involving catastrophic injury and death. We represent clients through every stage of the litigation process, beginning with an on-site response and factual investigation to the establishment of a persuasive legal defense.

Our defense team is well-equipped to respond to an accident and begin the investigation process immediately. We coordinate with trusted accident reconstruction experts (as well as other relevant experts) to identify, gather and evaluate evidence found at the accident site. This rapid investigative response is not only indicative of our “winning mentality” from the beginning to the end of a case, but is critical to ensuring that we have the information necessary to develop and execute an effective litigation strategy even in the preliminary stages of a transportation dispute.

Comprehensive Representation

We provide comprehensive representation for transport carriers who are involved in transportation-related disputes that involve bodily injury, property damage, cargo loss, insurance issues, government regulation, vehicle design defects, and risk management.

We believe that the depth of our litigation experience in numerous industries has given us the ability to staff cases in a highly-specialized manner. If a trucking company comes to us with a catastrophic injury case, we can staff the case with attorneys who have successfully handled similar disputes in the past. This has substantial benefits from a time and cost-efficiency standpoint and increases the likelihood of securing a favorable result.

Our Record Speaks For Itself

We are battle-tested litigators with a proven track record. Unlike many of our competitors, we have tried many cases to verdict and have negotiated favorable pre-trial solutions for numerous clients.

Our success is a natural byproduct of how we have structured our experienced team of attorneys at Harvey Kruse, P.C. A high percentage of our attorneys have served as judicial clerks in state and federal courts, including Courts of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. As such, our attorneys have advanced experience with addressing the aggression and uncertainty of litigation. These experiences, in conjunction with our trial-ready approach to handling litigation, have given us a high level of comfort in handling challenging lawsuits. We are not intimidated by the prospect of trial litigation, which forces opposing counsel into a vulnerable position at the negotiating table, particularly if they lack trial-ready experience.

Cost containment is a serious issue for most clients, and especially so concerning transport carriers that are routinely subjected to various tort actions. Though clients may see such litigation as a “cost of doing business,” we strive to implement efficient strategies, including, but not limited to, fee agreements that minimize expenses and promote cost transparency.