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Practice Areas

Trial Practice

At Harvey Kruse, PC, our trial practice provides highly-engaged, detail-oriented defense representation to business enterprises in a variety of industries from real estate developers to manufacturers and others. The significant depth of our trial practice gives us the ability to staff cases more intelligently. When a case requires specific expertise, we can assign an attorney who has the relevant background and experience. This helps ensure that the case is handled in a more cost-efficient manner and minor procedural and substantive issues do not unnecessarily bog down litigation.

Our attorneys routinely represent clients in trial litigation in state and federal court. Many of our attorneys have handled landmark cases at the appellate level before the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. In conjunction with our vibrant appellate practice, our firm's experience helps to ensure that our clients have access to comprehensive legal advocacy that is associated with long-tail procedural, evidentiary and policy issues that may impact a case over its lifetime.

We Know Trials

We are experienced litigators with a focus on trial practice. Unlike many of our competitors in Michigan and elsewhere, we have tried numerous cases to verdict, ranging from more straightforward matters to highly-complex, class and collective action lawsuits. Quite simply, we are willing and able to litigate any legal matter through to its ultimate resolution, and we thrive on the challenge of navigating the strategic hills and valleys of sophisticated legal issues.

It is worth noting that a large percentage of our attorneys have served as judicial clerks and learned the practice of litigation firsthand. Our trial practice attorneys have therefore been enveloped in the chaos and difficulty of litigation since the very beginning of their careers, giving them a high level of comfort in the courtroom.

Since our founding in 1969, we have built a reputation as aggressive and well-prepared litigators. Our approach is to evaluate cases upfront, develop an early strategic plan and staff accordingly, and execute in a manner that puts relentless pressure on the plaintiff. When the case moves in an unexpected direction, we are flexible enough to respond quickly to changing dynamics and alter the original strategic plan.

This aggressive approach to trial practice, along with the reputation that we have earned over the years, gives us significant leverage when attempting to negotiate a settlement for a client in the pre-trial stage, enabling us to secure a favorable result in situations where opposing counsel might have otherwise pushed ahead.

At Harvey Kruse, P.C. we have the size and resources necessary to scale up litigation when appropriate while providing the tailored representation typical of boutique firms. Effective trial practice demands a proactive cost-containment policy, which is the approach we take with all of our clients. We understand that many of our clients have strict budgetary requirements, and as such, we offer various fee agreements, which incentivizes us to operate more efficiently at every level of representation, from staffing to transparent communication as we handle the case.