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Practice Areas

Insurance Defense

Harvey Kruse, P.C. is a full-service firm to the insurance market with an extensive liability defense practice that includes first and third-party litigation, intra-insurer disputes, coverage issues, and various other specialized insurance practices. We routinely assist clients in complex actions brought against them on the basis of bodily injury, property damage and bad faith handling of insurance claims, along with first-party cases involving life, accident, health, major medical, and credit insurance. We provide a broad spectrum of legal defense services to a variety of players in the insurance market (i.e., insurance carriers and their policyholders), and we handle the defense of insureds in civil tort practice areas that include personal injury, product liability and complex commercial disputes.

We pride ourselves on the extent of our litigation practice and take full advantage of our attorneys’ significant experience in handling specialized matters. Our attorneys’ specialties range from business disputes and consumer rights litigation to environmental and regulatory issues. We can intelligently staff our cases with seasoned litigators who have the expertise necessary to not only successfully defend the client in litigation but to do so in a manner that emphasizes cost-efficiency.

Fully Evaluating a Case Upfront Is Crucial

At Harvey Kruse, P.C., we understand the need for early evaluations, risk-benefit analyses, and timely reporting. We evaluate the case as much as possible upfront, as we understand that our clients often have strict budget requirements and we must identify issues well in advance and develop a workable litigation strategy at an early stage of the dispute. This, in conjunction with our transparent approach to attorney-client communication, ensures that the client is always up-to-speed on how their interests are served. Further, it gives our attorneys a significant competitive advantage during pretrial negotiations, as we thoroughly prepare for trial from the very beginning. This practice can give opposing counsel pause about pursuing the case through to trial, which affords us additional leverage when discussing potential settlement offers.

Transparent Representation

We are genuinely committed to maintaining a high level of transparency throughout the lifecycle of legal representation, as this minimizes fundamental inefficiencies in handling litigation for a client. Additionally, we invest substantial time, attention and resources to conduct on-site presentations for prospective clients so that they better understand the issues to properly determine whether moving forward with our firm is the best solution, given their circumstances.

Insurance defense is a field in which the incentive structure of representation is too often malformed. By establishing a strict budget for legal representation, we ensure that costs do not escalate to an excessive degree, even when handling substantial issues. At the same time, we represent our clients’ interests zealously and develop the facts and law into a compelling narrative in every case.