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Warranty Disputes And Consumer Rights Litigation

Harvey Kruse, P.C. is a recognized leader in consumer litigation defense. We use our substantive knowledge and experience as aggressive advocates to help us achieve consistently favorable results for our clients. Our attorneys have extensive experience in consumer litigation law, including Lemon Law claims arising out of a motor vehicle warranty dispute, general warranty disputes, false advertising, breach of contract and other claims under state and federal law. 

We have litigated numerous claims arising out of:

  • The Michigan Consumer Protection Act
  • The Michigan Lemon Law
  • The federal Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
  • Other consumer rights regulations

How We Function as a Team

Consumer rights complaints are commonplace. Further, many claims borne of consumer regulations are of questionable legitimacy or they may lack persuasiveness. As such, a defendant could be forced to defend against an excessive number of claims, many of which the defendant is not actually responsible for. Commercial defendants must, therefore, be careful to work with a team of attorneys that is cost-conscious. At Harvey Kruse, P.C., we offer flexible fee arrangements, including flat fee agreements, that provide the necessary level of cost containment to keep fees and expenses down.

Since our founding in 1969, we have spent decades honing our consumer litigation skills at both the trial and appellate levels defending clients in numerous high-profile legal matters. We have a long history of having successfully advocated for clients in complex disputes, even though the consumer law regulatory environment and relevant business practices has changed significantly over the years. We are seasoned litigators that understand that an effective strategy must be dynamic. We work closely with the client at an early stage and approach the case with a transparent and open communication style, thus ensuring that we have all the information we need to advocate persuasively on behalf of our client. When there are unexpected developments in the case, we are thoroughly prepared to respond in a way that most favorably secures our client’s interests.

In the defense context, consumer rights litigation tends to involve a substantial volume of data and documentary evidence. At Harvey Kruse, P.C., we have developed a system of computerized reports and electronic data exchange to ensure that our clients can more effectively manage significant amounts of information and evidence. We also incorporate large firm economies of scale that enable us to adequately ramp up our representation when necessary to navigate high volumes of information.

We Are Committed to Providing Quality Representation

Unlike many of our large firm competitors, we are committed to providing the sort of client-oriented legal service that is typical in boutique firms. We are highly responsive to client communications and work tirelessly to understand the client’s business and litigation goals so that we can better serve them. This commitment is reflected at every level of our organization, not merely in our consumer rights litigation practice group.