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Product Liability

At Harvey Kruse, P.C., our product liability defense attorneys are nationally-recognized litigators with a reputation for aggressive, comprehensive representation. We represent manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the automotive, industrial, and marine industries, as well as construction equipment, recreational products, power tools, food products, and pharmaceuticals. We also have experience helping trade associations and manufacturers develop safety programs to better comply with applicable regulations and avoid potential product liability exposure.

Product liability claims are uniquely challenging in that the law often provides multiple theories to pursue involving the same injury. Liability may hinge on negligence, recklessness, or even intentional conduct and may involve claims of a failure to test, failure to warn and failure to develop alternative designs, just to name a few. At Harvey Kruse, P.C., our attorneys understand the complexities of product liability litigation and work tirelessly to assure a favorable outcome.

Alternative Dispute Resolution May Be a Viable Option in Some Instances

Though we are willing and able defense litigators who have tried numerous product liability cases to conclusion, we are well-equipped to assist our clients in securing an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that avoids the publicity, expense, effort and the inherent uncertainty of litigation. Many of our partners serve as neutral arbitrators and mediators in a variety of disputes and can advise on how to approach ADR processes to ensure that you secure a favorable result.

We Are Proven Litigators

At Harvey Kruse, P.C., we find that our reputation as aggressive and highly-competent litigators puts significant pressure on opposing counsel to consider a fair settlement compromise in the pre-litigation stage. If no suitable compromise is possible, however, we are fully prepared to try and win cases in the courtroom.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing client-centered legal advocacy and this commitment is particularly useful in the context of product liability cases. Unlike many of our competitors, we invest the time, effort and human resources necessary to truly understand our client’s products in a comprehensive way.

We work with in-house attorneys, product designers, engineers, researchers, marketers and managers. This has given us crucial insight into what it takes to successfully defend a complex product liability lawsuit.