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Alternative Dispute Resolution

As Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has grown in popularity, Harvey Kruse, PC has grown this practice area to meet client needs. Our robust ADR practice offers a variety of options for parties’ to resolve disputes outside of a courtroom including but not limited to: arbitration, mediation, facilitation, mini-trials, “executive” case evaluations, and more. We routinely represent our clients in personal injury, business, commercial and construction disputes. (i.e., before arbitration tribunals, or in complex mediation discussions), capably adapting and executing winning strategies to secure favorable outcomes for our clients.

Unlike many of our competitors, we bring to bear significant breadth and depth of experience when it comes to advocacy in the ADR context. We are not only well-acquainted with the issues inherent to representing a client’s interests throughout the ADR process, but many of our partners have also served as neutral arbitrators and mediators themselves.

At Harvey Kruse, PC, our attorneys evaluate cases up-front and advise on significant developments to the case as they present themselves. We understand that every case is different, so we remain flexible in our approach to ensure that we can effectively serve our clients regardless of the circumstances. This dynamic approach to litigation enables us to act decisively when opportunities for a favorable resolution to a dispute arise (through various ADR processes).

As experienced trial attorneys, we recognize that many disputes can be resolved favorably prior to the onset of trial, saving our clients time and money. In some cases, clients want more than a financial settlement, they want an opportunity to be heard and obtain an emotional resolution from the opposing party. ADR is uniquely situated to provide that resolution. ADR also provides an opportunity to resolve a matter privately outside of a public trial. When evaluating cases, Harvey Kruse, PC considers all the client’s needs to determine whether ADR is the best course of action to resolve their dispute.

One of the benefits of ADR versus a jury trial is that mediators and arbitrators are often experienced attorneys who understand the law and how damages in a case are typically awarded. As neutral parties to the dispute, they offer both legal knowledge and expertise that allows them to quickly identify the issues and facilitate negotiations. Both parties in a dispute can be confident in the final outcome.

If you have been sued (or are anticipating the possibility of a lawsuit), we can help you navigate your options. At Harvey Kruse, PC, our team has extensive experience working with parties in contract disputes, insurers and a range of other commercial entities. We have successfully guided clients through alternative dispute resolution in a variety of practice areas and are confident we can help you as well.

We are committed to advocating for and securing a favorable result for our clients, whether through a jury trial, bench trial or alternative dispute resolution. Contact one of our experienced attorneys for comprehensive guidance on all the options available to you to best resolve your case.