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Practice Areas

Asbestos Litigation

Since the late 1970s, Harvey Kruse, P.C. has become a recognized leader at both the state and national levels in asbestos defense. We litigate approximately 1,000 asbestos-related cases on an annual basis, and we have the experience, dedicated team, expert relationships and litigation infrastructure necessary to secure a favorable result for our clients. We handle these cases in a manner that is most cost-effective, as we can make use of large firm economies of scale.

At Harvey Kruse, we have experience handling asbestos claims that involve many nuanced issues, including product identification, causation, the statute of limitations, the sophisticated user defense and successor liability, among other conflicts often encountered in the context of asbestos litigation.  We also have extensive experience defending clients against claims involving insulation products, friction products, casketing materials and premises liability.

About Our Practice

Our asbestos litigation practice comprises numerous attorneys and paralegals whose exclusive focus is asbestos defense and related matters. This intense practice specialization ensures that we can approach each case without the substantial inefficiencies typically associated with on-boarding. It further ensures that we have the insight and familiarity to obtain dismissals and otherwise help our clients achieve their overall legal and financial goals.

Over the years, we have developed close professional relationships with trusted experts who are actively engaged in asbestos litigation, from medical professionals to construction industry professionals, and more.  These relationships enable us to act quickly and efficiently on behalf of clients, as we can coordinate with experts throughout litigation without having to invest the time and resources necessary to learn the unique qualities, training, etc. of a given expert witness.

We Are Pioneers in the Area of Mass Tort Litigation

Asbestos claims are frequently parceled together in the form of mass tort litigation.  Mass tort lawsuits can be difficult to defend, and success may be reliant on the process. The ability to process large amounts of evidence and integrate the data effectively can have an enormous impact on the outcome of a particular case.  At Harvey Kruse, P.C. our firm has pioneered the development of computerized reports and electronic data exchange to better assist our clients in managing the high volume of information that accompanies mass tort litigation.

At Harvey Kruse, P.C. our attorneys in our asbestos practice and all other areas are committed litigators who have tried numerous cases to verdict.  Every attorney in our firm is involved in trying cases, and our civil litigation practice is among the largest in Michigan. This litigation-oriented background is particularly valuable in the context of asbestos disputes, as it gives us the legitimacy necessary to slow down aggressive plaintiffs and force them to reconsider a settlement offer that is more favorable to our client’s interests.  The looming threat of uncertain litigation gives plaintiffs pause and ensures that our clients are at an advantage.