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Toxic Torts

Toxic tort claims can be quite variable in terms of their overall scope, complexity, and inherent liability exposure. Some case can involve exposures to occurred over decades, while others matters may concern isolated chemical exposures. Each of these situations will require a different approach to defend clients in the ensuing litigation successfully.

Over the years, large-scale toxic tort disputes have attracted highly-skilled and sophisticated plaintiffs’ firms that take an aggressive stance towards such litigation, hoping to secure a favorable settlement. To mount an effective defense, it is critical that you engage an experienced firm with the resources, technological understanding, trial-readiness and litigation background necessary to challenge the aggressive tactics employed by toxic tort plaintiffs.

About Our Toxic Tort Practice Group

At Harvey Kruse, P.C., our toxic tort practice group handles both straightforward and complex toxic tort defense for a range of clients in state and federal courts. Since the founding of our firm in 1969, we have successfully defended property owners, product manufacturers, distributors, and many others against thousands of toxic tort claims, and we have established relationships with recognized experts in pathology, radiology, toxicology, internal medicine, and occupational health and safety.

We provide leading-edge toxic tort representation. Unlike many of our competitors, we have experience utilizing brain mapping, epidemiological studies and a bevy of alternative data to challenge the assumption of causation. We pioneered the development of computerized reports and electronic data exchange to better assist our clients in managing the enormous amount of statistical information that mass tort litigation can generate.

When handling a toxic tort case, particularly one involving large-scale claims such as in mass tort litigation, it is critical that costs and fees do not spiral out-of-control. At Harvey Kruse, P.C., monitor fees and expenses so clients are not surprised or shocked by the cost of litigation while still pursuing an aggressive defense.

Our commitment to cost-containment is perhaps best demonstrated by our approach. We are among the largest civil defense firms in the state of Michigan with the reputation and resources one would expect and are therefore capable of “scaling” up a case in a cost-efficient manner.

We Provide the Representation You Need, When You Need It

Still, despite our large firm structure, we have a boutique firm mentality when it comes to engaging with clients. Quite simply, we maintain transparent and consistent communication with clients so that we can learn everything we need to know about their goals, limitations, and concerns. This approach enables us to provide the sort of detailed, highly-specific representation that is associated with boutique firms.