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No Fault And First Party Motor Vehicle Liability

Harvey Kruse, P.C. has been involved in litigating first-party, no-fault insurance, disputes since the Michigan No-Fault Act was enacted in 1973. We have been counsel for insurance companies in published Michigan Court of Appeals and federal opinions on nearly every section of the Act, including cases involving accidents with parked vehicles, issues of priority among insurers for payment of benefits, setoff of workers compensation and no-fault cases in the trial courts involving claims for medical expenses, work loss, replacement services, as well as claims for payment of attendant care provided by family members and friends.

Because of our vast experience in the No-Fault arena, we are uniquely positioned to counsel our clients in the claims stage by providing opinions on coverage, responding to demands for payment of specific No-Fault benefits, or the appropriate practice area of medical specialists needed in a particular case for statutory independent medical examinations.

Harvey Kruse P.C. stands ready to visit our clients’ claim offices to provide presentations on topics of their choice, recent developments in the law, and to educate our clients on how issues which arise once the suit is filed are framed by the claims process.