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Practice Areas

Premises Liability

Harvey Kruse, P.C. has been litigating premises liability cases and protecting the interests of business property owners, homeowners, and carriers since our founding over 50 years ago.  Our attorneys have also worked on some of the most significant appellate cases in Michigan in this area.

We are uniquely equipped to handle what are often surprisingly complex cases in which the following issues are often encountered:

  • The classification of the injured party as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser and the corresponding duties owed
  • Possession and control
  • Actual knowledge or constructive knowledge of a hazard or defect
  • The "Open and Obvious" Doctrine
  • Comparative negligence
  • The duty to maintain the premises in "reasonable repair"
  • Storekeeper's liability and the so-called "distracted customer"
  • Criminal acts of third parties
  • Liability for temporary conditions
  • Liability of snow removal contractors
  • Liability for conditions on adjacent property
  • The Recreational Use Act
  • The Police and Fireman's Rule
  • Exclusive remedy provision in the Worker's Disability Compensation Act
  • Contractual indemnification
  • Additional named insureds