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Harvey Kruse’s Courtroom Victories

During our 50 years in business, Harvey Kruse has recorded thousands of victories in courtroom battles. For the last decade, we have been highlighting courtroom wins in the News section of our website, and you can browse and search through hundreds of significant successes in that section.

In addition, in the first decade of this century, we compiled and published lists of a variety of courtroom victories.  For example, in just the two year period between 2003 and 2005, Harvey Kruse enjoyed 26 appellate wins, 13 trial and arbitration victories, 139 motions for summary judgment or disposition in which we were victorious, and various other administrative and miscellaneous proceedings in which we prevailed.. Between 2006 and 2008, another 17 appellate wins were notched, 15 trials and two arbitrations were successfully prosecuted, 102 motions for summary disposition or judgment were granted for our clients, and another 50 victories of various sorts were produced by the lawyers at Harvey Kruse.

Besides those successes, we have also collected an impressive list of appellate decisions that literally changed the law in Michigan.  Those can be viewed in the Important Cases section of this website.