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HKPC Wins Insurance Cancellation Case Before Judge Colombo In Wayne County Circuit Court

In E & O Taxi v Insurance Services of Detroit, a taxicab company, which had financed the $150,000 annual premium on its commercial insurance policy, alleged that it had made all installment payments to its agent, which had failed to convey the payments to the premium finance company or to our client, the insurance carrier.  The premium finance company sent out a “Notice of Intent to Cancel” and then sent out a “Notice of Cancellation” as required by statute, and requested that the carrier cancel the policy.  The taxicab company claimed the carrier had breached duties to notify it that the premium had not been received and to notify it of the cancellation.  The Court disagreed and granted Frank Porretta’s motion for summary disposition, finding that the cancellation and notices complied with MCL §500.1511, and the carrier owed no additional duties to the insured, relying on Doshi v Michigan Basic Property Ins Ass’n,  229 Mich App 595, 603, 582 NW2d 542, 546 (1998).