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HKPC Obtained Dismissal Of Claim By State Farm Against Amerisure Insurance Company Seeking Reimbursement For No-Fault Benefits Paid

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority, et al., Kent County Circuit Court Case No. 2014—06579-NF.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company filed suit against Amerisure seeking to recover no-fault benefits paid by State Farm to its insured. The accident resulting in injuries to State Farm’s insured occurred nearly twenty minutes after an earlier accident involving Amerisure’s insured, that caused a backup in traffic. State Farm argued that Amerisure’s insured was “involved” in the second accident, given the resulting traffic conditions. Amerisure filed a nominal offer of judgment and following discovery, filed a motion for summary disposition, arguing that its insured was not “involved” in the subsequent accident. Facing the prospect of offer of judgment sanctions, State Farm dismissed its complaint, prior to oral arguments on the motion.