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HKPC Obtains Affirmance Of Summary Disposition From The Michigan Court Of Appeals In An Agency Termination Suit

Beckett-Buffum Agency, Inc. v. Allied Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Court of Appeals No. 321273.

Suit brought by insurance agency following termination of its Agency Agreement by Allied, for lack of production, since the agency failed to submit the statutory minimum twenty-five applications for insurance in a twelve month period. The agency alleged that the termination was improper because it satisfied the minimum statutory threshold, claiming that its policy renewals and reinstatements should be countered toward the statutory minimum. The Court of Appeals agreed with the trial court’s granting of summary disposition on the basis that policy renewals and reinstatements do not require a signed application and therefore, would not be counted toward the statutory minimum. The decision was issued June 9, 2015, for publication.