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HKPC Obtains 25 Minute Defense Jury Verdict In Maryland Treestand Product Liability Trial

In Frank v. Summit Treestands, LLC., Frederick County, Maryland, Harvey Kruse lawyers obtained a lightning fast defense verdict on behalf of their treestand manufacturing client.  Plaintiff sought over $750,000.00 for serious spinal, chest and lung injuries suffered when he fell 20 to 25 feet from his treestand.  He maintained that the cause was the result of a failure of the metal frame of the treestand and that his failure to use his harness was a foreseeable misuse of the product. Deliberating only 25 minutes, the jury found that the product was not defective and was reasonably safe for its intended uses.  The case is important for the entire treestand industry because it pioneered the importance of safety videos (now co-packaged with every treestand) in the courtroom.