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Michael F. Schmidt Obtains Recovery Of $379,608 Improperly Billed For Nursing Services

MIC General Insurance Corporation, Individually and as Assignee of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association v Lynn Peridore, Mid Valley Interim HealthCare Services, Inc., et al, Saginaw County Circuit Court. Investigation disclosed that over the period April 2012 to January 2017 MIC had been billed $379,608.90 for nursing services allegedly performed by Lynn Peridore through Mid Valley Interim HealthCare Services. A subsequent criminal investigation determined that Peridore had submitted time records for performing services which she had not performed and which were then billed to MIC. Suit was filed against Lynn Peridore, Mid Valley Interim HealthCare Services and several additional related entities in Saginaw County Circuit Court to obtain reimbursement. After some discovery, the matter was resolved by payment to MIC of the entire amount of $379,608.90 plus interest of $77,850.52 for a total of $457,459.42. Full reimbursement was then made to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.