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Michael F. Schmidt Obtains Summary Disposition In Alleged Contaminated Food Case

Charles Manoloff v Roncelli, Inc., et al,¬†Wayne County Circuit Court, plaintiff filed suit alleging injuries incurred when he allegedly bit into a cheeseburger contaminated by a screw at the Garage Dearborn Restaurant. The complaint alleged that multiple defendants including Roncelli, Inc. involved in the construction of the restaurant were responsible for the screw getting into the cheeseburger. We filed a motion for summary disposition that there was no evidence beyond speculation and conjecture that Roncelli, Inc. had anything whatsoever to do with the screw contaminating the cheeseburger and that the plaintiff’s claim of liability based on res ipsa loquitur also did not apply. After several court hearings, the court agreed and granted our motion for summary disposition as to Roncelli, Inc. dismissing Roncelli from the case.