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Michael F. Schmidt Obtains Summary Disposition In Third Party Auto Case Based On No Serious Impairment

Richardson v Rosario, Oakland County Circuit Court, claim for multiple injuries from a T-bone intersection accident. Plaintiff claimed injuries to her left ankle/Achilles tendon, left knee, low back and neck. Plaintiff had multiple different treaters for these multiple alleged injuries for ten months after the accident. We filed a motion for summary disposition arguing that there was no serious impairment of an important body function. The court granted our motion issuing a twelve page Opinion finding that the functions of the back and the ability to walk were important body functions, and that the plaintiff had objective impairments by a bulging disc confirmed by MRI and bursitis in her knee, but that based on a review of the records and the plaintiff’s deposition testimony the plaintiff’s general ability to lead her normal life, or the course or trajectory of her normal life, had not been affected by the injuries she allegedly sustained and thus granted our motion for summary disposition.