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Michael F. Schmidt Obtains Supreme Court Order Denying Plaintiff-Appellant’s Application For Leave To Appeal

Crawley David McFadden v Titan Insurance Company, Wayne County Circuit Court, Michigan Court of Appeals docket number 316012, Michigan Supreme Court docket number 147554 (2014), claim by McFadden against Titan Insurance Company pursuant to alleged certificate of insurance claimed to be issued to McFadden. We obtained a summary disposition from the trial court as to any and all claims made by the plaintiff on the basis that there was no proof or evidence that the certificate of insurance was issued by or on behalf of Titan Insurance. We also obtained a summary disposition on our counterclaim for abuse of process with sanctions awarded against McFadden. McFadden appealed to the Michigan Court of Appeals which denied his appeal for lack of merit and then denied McFadden’s motion for reconsideration. McFadden then appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has now issued its order denying the Application for Leave to Appeal and further ordering that based upon McFadden’s repeated abuses of the court system with frivolous and vexatious filings, the clerks of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Wayne County Circuit Court are directed not to accept any further filings from McFadden in any non-criminal matter unless McFadden has paid all necessary fees, sanctions assessed by the circuit court, and submitted his filings in full compliance with the court rules.