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Mike Guss Obtains Summary Disposition On Six (6) Medical Provider Claims; Renue Therapy, Llc, -V- Titan Insurance Company, Ingham County Circuit Court

Renue Therapy, LLC, filed six (6) separate lawsuits against Titan Insurance Company alleging entitlement to No-Fault Provider expense benefits arising out of Renue’s alleged treatment to numerous patients who were allegedly involved in motor vehicle collisions. After deposing the owner of Renue Therapy and the prescribing physician, we filed a motion for summary disposition on each case, arguing that the treatment performed was not reasonably necessary because the prescribing physician testified that she prescribed physical therapy, to be rendered by a licensed physical therapy facility. However, Renue Therapy’s owner testified that he operates a massage therapy clinic, and does not employ a single licensed physical therapist. Each trial court agreed, and all six (6) dispositive motions were granted, dismissing Renue Therapy’s claims in their entirety.