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Michael F. Schmidt Wins Underinsured Heart Attack Death Case And Saves Client $250,000

Jimmy Kasmikha, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Selma Kasmikha, Deceased v Integon National Insurance Company, Oakland County Circuit Court, plaintiff filed a claim for underinsured motorist benefits seeking the underinsured motorist limits of $250,000 as a result of an auto accident with an alleged underinsured motorist which allegedly […]

Michael F. Schmidt Wins Summary Disposition In Breach Of Contract And Bad Faith Action

Latta v Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Kimberly Byrne, claim for bad faith and breach of contract seeking to enforce an alleged settlement agreement of an underlying claim by Chad Latta against a Nationwide insured, Glenwood Apartments, for an alleged premises injury claim. The plaintiff’s claim in the […]

Mike Guss Wins Defense Verdict In Paramedic Malpractice Death Case

Mike won a defense verdict in a two week paramedic malpractice wrongful death case, wherein the decedent’s survivors alleged that the decedent, after having sustained a fall and a C2 odontoid fracture, was mishandled by the paramedic and EMS crew, resulting in a shift and/or displacement of an odontoid fracture.  […]

Dennis Goebel Prevails In Death Case In Michigan Court Of Appeals

This is a wrongful death product liability case in which Vernon Wingard was caught between the end of a conveyor and fixed barrier guarding.  He was crushed to death.  The Estate claimed that the conveyor was negligently designed, was defective and was unreasonably dangerous.  The case was defended on the […]

Dennis Goebel and Mel Karfis Win Products Case In Federal Court

United States District Judge David Lawson has granted a Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Dennis and Mel in this product liability case in which the quadriplegic Plaintiff claimed that his use of an allegedly defective ROHO air cushion caused a stage 1 pressure sore which did not heal and […]

HKPC Wins A Slip And Fall And Two Food Poisoning Cases For Bravokilo

HKPC won three cases for Bravokilo, Inc., the operator of many Burger King restaurants in Michigan, without even having to appear for oral arguments.  Two of the cases were pending in Washtenaw County Circuit Court and the third was filed in Saginaw District Court. Two of the cases alleged food […]

Dale Burmeister Wins Another Federal Cable Communications Act Case In Washtenaw County Circuit Court

An electrical utility company acquired a prescriptive easement to run electrical lines across a parcel of property but the property owner challenged the right of a cable operator to piggyback on that easement to string its television and internet wire.  Judge Morris ruled, however, that the cable company’s wire did […]

Dennis Goebel Wins Four-Week Federal Jury Trial In Airplane Crash Case

Randall Torno and his wife filed a products liability action in the Federal Court in Detroit alleging that he sustained an L1 burst fracture and paraplegia as a result of an experimental aircraft crash in which Mr. Torno claimed that an RE Phelon engine ignition component failed causing his aircraft […]

Dale Burmeister Awarded $10,000 In Contempt Of Court Sanctions In Trademark Dispute

Following a full evidentiary hearing in federal court, Judge Cook awarded nearly $10,000 in contempt of court sanctions for violations of a permanent injunction Dale had obtained involving Subway trademarks and trade dress.  Defendant also agreed at the hearing to remove or  paint over various marks, copyrighted menu items, and […]

Bill Rivard Wins No Cause Verdict In Accounting Malpractice Suit

Bill Rivard recently received a defense verdict for our client in an accounting malpractice suit following a jury trial in Oakland County Circuit Court.  Plaintiffs, husband and wife, for whom defendant had prepared tax returns for more than 20 years, claimed that in February of March, 2004, one or the […]