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Should CPA Firms and Others Pay Their Employees Overtime?

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Companies are facing a complex employment landscape. From the recent job-hopping trends and an overall smaller workforce pool, staffing has never been more challenging. Sometimes, employers must choose between paying employees overtime or hiring contract workers to help bridge their staffing gap. But what are CPA firms’ choices?

Dale Burmeister, partner at Harvey Kruse, Alan Reinstein, George R. Husband Professor of Accountancy at the Wayne State University School of Business Administration, and Timothy J. Fogarty, KPMG Faculty Fellow at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, tackle this topic in their paper “Economic, Legal and Other Considerations of CPA Firms Paying Overtime to Its Staff and Advising Its Clients on This Matter,” written for the North American Accounting Society – MBAA annual conference of accountants.

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